• * Personal fun project. This is non commercial and is not affiliated with Pagani.

  • This project came about whilst I was browsing Daniel Simon's The Timeless Racer book. Fan cars capture the imagination. It is as if they should not exist in the real world. They spawn fantasies about Batman and Thunderbirds, about extreme machines used by extraordinary people.

    For me, the most stunning supercars are Pagani cars- especially their Zonda. In terms of design, the original looked to me as if it were made to have a huge fan in the back. Swapping the trademark four exhaust pipes with a fan- et voilà. Whilst I was at it, I tried to modernise the icon's design and make it look as high tech as possible, without losing the feel of the original.

    I give you a modern remake with a twist: Pagani Zonda V.

  • This was a modelling exercise, so my sketches were mostly functional. I started blocking out a volume in 3D (SolidWorks subd) and used this as an underlay to outline details. It all came quite naturally and quite quickly. Almost all the little details come from these few sketches. 

    This is more or less the same workflow we use in the studio. It enables us to work faster, spend less time on making correct sketches and dive into the details when proportions and volumes have been found. 
  • The characteristic elliptic shapes, found in nearly all Pagani models, make up a large portion of the rear end design. With a fan at its center, an ellipse spanning the width of the car combines all the functional elements of the rear.

    If you look closely, the four signature tailpipes are still there. Well hidden under the fan, two exhaust pipes blow the diffuser, improving its aerodynamic efficiency.