Cab Search-Brand identity design

  • Cab Search:
    Brand Identity

    Project Goals:
    Find an exceptional way to provide a simple visual solution 
    with a spectacular feel. Build a transparent and minimal look.
    So that people can easily recognized the brand .

    This logo has to be done in a combination of logotype and logomark.
    So it must be a combination mark. And The logomark will be used
    as an application icon. So it was challenging to find a particular solution
    with the right approach.

    Unique solution:
    When I was doing some typographic experiments,
    the idea suddenly came to my mind. Since the logo
    will be a combination mark So I put a custom search icon in the logotype
    to match the name of the logo. And placed the icon where the letter C and
    the word 'search' are located. Now the icon, the letter C, and the word
    ‘Search’ together means, this is the right place to search for a cab service.

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