Editorial Illustration for Sisters Newsletter

  • Editorial Illustration for Sisters Newsletter
    Article By: Jada JonesArt Director: Dian Holton

    The article talks about the author's appreciation and faith in Christian prayer and the art of Tarot and how she navigates the two.

    Concept: Since the Tarot is an excellent means to create a visual narrative, I decided to do a Tarot spread which is also a reading in itself illustrating her journey towards Tarot & and her faith. I also decided to base the illustrations in the Tarot deck on Christian symbolism so as to blend those two worlds further. A lot of these cards like the High Priestess, The Ace of Cups are based in Christianity and have direct connotations so it was a matter of making the symbolism more direct.
    So the Tarot spread is read from left to right:
    The Star Card: Symbolises healing through faith, hope for the future & a journey into creativity & spirituality. So this was the perfect card that spoke about her strong in her faith in God and prayer but her doubts about her path in Tarot (hence her praying in search for answers).

    The Ace of wands: Represents passion, opportunity, a potential that is divinely guided.
    This talks about her pursuing her passion and merging her worlds & deepening her faith.

    The High Priestess: Represents intuition, power, scared knowledge.
    So this talks about her realisation of her ability to access & trust her intuition through the help of the Tarot.

    Ace of Cups: Signifies emotional & spiritual fulfilment, new beginnings.
    Encapsulating her journey of realising that Tarot & Prayer can work together for a greater purpose.
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