Ordnung Darf Sein

  • »The passion of order. Driving force, satisfaction and self-realization. Origin and purpose. From the feather duster to the laundry pile. A declaration of love to care in everyday life.«

    „There must be order.“ I deliberately did not give my magazine this title. For me, order has nothing to do with a compulsion to cleanliness, symmetry or even static. It is a much more an attentiveness in daily routine, which has become a basic setting and accompanied in my life. It is an opposite direction to the widespread opinion, that order is always associated with time, pressure, work, and overcoming. To take a breath, to let things rest and get way from the hectic and noisy world. To have your own space in which to deep breathe, to refill with energy, and return battle once again. I have gathered my reflections on this issue in this magazine and aim to inspire rather than inform.

    Format: 210 x 274mm
    Content: 72 Pages
    Paper: Munken Pure uncoated 170g/qm
    Cover: Munken Pure uncoated 300g/qm
    Binding: Perfect Binding
    Special Color: PANTONE+ SOLID UNCOATED V0631 U

    Concept, Content and Design
    Malwin Béla Hürkey

    2. Semester Kommunikationsdesign, 2014