Abstraction - mystical series

  • I take my emotional experiences and memories, I transfer to canvas/paper - there is an unknown ahead. This is how intuitive painting is born. While working on the picture, I am encouraged, excited, I want to extend the pleasure, finishing one work, I start another at once.

    Every time after the end of the picture (or series) for me the discovery of something new that I did not know about myself or about the world around me. And great surprise at the completion of the work.

    I want inspiration and inspiration to look at my paintings. Joy, sadness, support.
    In each picture of the Abstract Series, different people see and perceive Emotionally differently. There is no single perception, especially when they see the entire series (works 35-40), divided by subseries, one picture arouses more interest from others.

    I am an artist who interprets reality in my own way. I do this because I want to show the viewer the world with my own eyes, my own perception.