J Balvin Azul - Animated Music Video

  • J Balvin - Azul 
    We got approached by director Colin Tilley from A Boy in the Castle and producer Dan Karp to create a story telling animated music video for J Balvin. It was a really exciting opportunity to create something new and fresh. Communicating emotions was the key aspect of the project, so we decided to use combination of motion capture technology with 3D animation and bring characters to life.

  • Credits
  • A Boy in the Castle Production
    Directed by: Colin Tilley
    Creative Director: Jan Sladecko
    Produced by: Daniel Karp
    Executive Producers: Jamee Ranta, Colin Tilley
    Creative Producers: Niko Philipedes, Jonathan Singer-Vine

    Animation by Zenframes

    Animators: Jan Sladecko, Woosung Kang, Taehoon Park, Gap Yossanun, Haram Jung, Ned Piyadarakorn
    3D Designers: Min Shi, Carlo Sa, Taehoon Park, Jan Sladecko
    Technical Director: Daniel Karp
    Rigging and Motion Capture Editing: Pavel Ocovaj
    Character Animator - Dogs: Josef Sima
    Lead Character Animator: Mike Dinocco
    Character Animators: Alejandra Alvarez, Erik Castillo, Michael Wilson, Sarah Wolfe
    Digital Clothing Designer: Therese Detje
    3D Modelers: Jan Jinda, Kagan Okudan, Can Erduman
    Character Modeling: HyunSup Ahn
    Shading Artist: Remi Benoist
    Illustrations: Sidney Tan, Nathan Mckenna, EJ Kang

    Compositing: Jan Sladecko, Woosung Kang, Taehoon Park, Ned Piyadarakorn, Gap Yossanun
    Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
    Color Producer: Mario Castro

    Motion Capture Supervision Daniel Karp
    Motion Capture Performer: Dani Vitale, Scott Myrick
    Motion Capture Technican: Catarina Rodrigues, Nicholas Small
    Sound Design: Darren Augustus
    Title Design and animation: Chadwick Makela
    Creative Asisstant: Mark Mayr

    Label: Universal Musica

    Special Thanks: Fox Render Farm, Super Alloy, Xsens, Nicole Romero, Rick Caceres, Salomon Palacios, Alejandra Carmona, Alejandro Duque