Fergus Character Design

  • Fergus
    Fergus is a boy character that we developed in a collaboration with Gleetoys company based in New York. The challenge was to create a semi-realistic boy character that is fun, outgoing, and has the unique features that set it apart from the other animation work. We also worked on the movement and tried different clothing options until we reached the final personality

  • After the sketches, we started with the modeling and created all the items that would back the character features like the Helmet and the Pumper jacket. We wanted Fergus to be very edgy and youthful. 

  • We worked on the boy propositions and body ratios to give it a cuter through the tiny facial features.


  • The animation for the project was developed using Blender as well and we tried making it look humanized as well.

  • The above is also the UV images shots from blender as while in the modeling process

  • We worked on the models from different angles and perspectives to ensure that all the details are falling in place.

  • In the sketches phase, we worked on many outfits and trends. Trying different character features like glasses, caps, and even freckles.

  • The environment was part of our creation as well. By developing it, we customized Fergus poses and that inspired us to create even more character supporting elements like a school Backbag.

  • Both indoor and outdoor scenes shots were rendered for a more realistic world imagination.

  • The character animation was meant to be reflective of its happy and cheerful personality as well. And while developing it, we observed real kids' behavior to create our style with the quirks added.

  • The different clothes were made to give our character real depth and make it work on different occasions.

  • The shoes were given a huge time and we tried many iterations with it. We wanted it to be uniquely different and we even tried boots and slippers. And finally, came up with these leather sneakers.

  • Most of the materials of the objectives in this project were developed by us by mixing different substances.