• #montrealdesignchallenge
    iniated by klaus busse​​​​​​​

    The rebirth of Montreal shouldn't be in the form of a supercar.
    Instead, how could a brand like Alfa approach bringing an icon back to modern-day life? My two cents: by staying true to the design quality of the past, yet having the concept firmly grounded into a contemporary economic reality.

    The Alfa Romeo Montreal could, in my opinion, be to the Old Continent what the Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger is to the American market. Both those cars are available in every day drive spec, bringing automotive joy to a bigger audience through their vast amount of heritage and pedigree. ​​​​​​​

    1977 to 2020
  • Unlike most modern cars, the original Montreal featured a clean theme, built upon a horizontal cut stretching over the length of the bodywork. If you look closely, I didn't have to change all that much!

    For some reason, the Montreal always reminded me of the Ferrari Daytona. The latter being made to appeal to the American market at the time. I wanted to retain that feeling to my new design. A bit of Giulia GT was added for good measure, and I ended up with this Italian muscle car. Grumpy!!

    360 DEGREES

    This was a fast "for fun" project for the #MontrealDesignChallenge on Instagram. The car was made in subd, a fast way to quickly block out volumes and craft the surfaces. It's nowhere near perfection, but it has been a learning curve once again. For this project, I focussed on rendering quality (lighting and texturing) in Keyshot to get better and refine my workflow.

    The front grille was done in Grasshopper. All very basic as I've just begun to grasp the software. 


    I've been playing a fair bit of Need For Speed Heat during lockdown. I absolutely loved the artwork and atmosphere of the game, and secretly enjoyed slapping Speedhunters logos on classic cars!

    Inspired by NFS Heat, the following blasphemy renderings were a great exercise on lighting and texturing in Keyshot 9. 
    And, I mean, I like Kanji on an Italian car.

    Khyzyl Saleem has been a major influence as of lately. 
    His render style and mods are out of this world. 

    Thanks for watching!


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