• Breaking boundaries, transforming together, law redefined.

    247Studio had the opportunity to design visual identification for a newly established law firm. B2RLaw was formed through the merger of well - regarded Polish law firms, JS Legal and Zięba & Partners.

    Our task was to create an identification that would reflect the nature of the company in a modern way while maintaining the values of both companies forming B2R Law. 

  • Lady Justice — is an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems.

    Her attributes are a blindfold, a beam balance, and a sword. Lady Justice originates from the personification of Justice in Ancient Roman art known as Iustitia or Justitia after Latin: Iustitia, who is equivalent to the Greek goddesses Themis and Dike.

  • Due to the specificity of the brand, the main communication channel is the website.
    The designed website not only provides key information in an intuitive way, it is also equipped with mechanisms that facilitate navigation, such as search engines or filtering results.

  • Effective communication through the smallest details.
    The identification system is complemented by materials designed in accordance with the new branding, which the company uses on a daily basis in contacts with customers, such as business cards, presentation templates, folders for documents or e-mail signatures.