Visual diary; First year/ Second half

  • First year; Second half of Visual Diary

    I was looking for new challenges and wanting to push myself further I started doing daily poster design challenge. It combined two of my favorite things illustration and design. Days turned into weeks, weeks in to months, and poster by poster I am reaching two years mark.

    First year; Second half is the time period where I got really loose ant started to discover myself more as an  illustrator than a designer. I started doing complex grids and breaking them also a deep study of Matisse, Picasso and other modernist helped to developed something new and pushed me further as illustrator. Looking now in the perspective this is the point where I make a huge transition in life from brand/graphic designer to illustrator. 

    Here you can see first years; Second half selected works ordered by date; from the first to the last of the first half. You can see full journey or buy a print at: