Visual diary; First year/ First half

  • First year; First half of Visual Diary

    I was looking for new challenges and wanting to push myself further I started doing daily poster design challenge. It combined two of my favorite things illustration and design. Days turned into weeks, weeks in to months, and poster by poster I am reaching two years mark.

    First year; first half I was full of ideas, because there was a lot of stuff that I wanted to make but did not have time to do it, or really wanted to explore in my academic studies, but choose something different at that time. On the first half I was really concentrated on the basics and mix media approaches. A ton of simple compositions, simple typography and layouts, a focus on shapes, forms, dimension and colors.

    Here you can see first years; first half selected works ordered by date; from the first to the last of the first half. You can see full journey or buy a print at: