Hierarchy - Card Game

  • Hierarchy

    In the Kingdom of Darkhill, order and power mean everything. The royalty reign supreme, but alongside of their control are the plotting citizens, planning to get ahead using any means possible.
    Hierarchy is an abstract game of order and power where players each take a random set of 7 cards and play them openly, until they cannot play any more. Cards must be played atop a card of a lesser value, unless either the last card or the new card change those rules. When the active player can no longer play a card, their opponent has won the game and has taken the seat of power away from their opponent. 

    Designed by Hugo Kawamata 
    Available at ButtonShyGames

    It was a real pleasure working with Jason Tagmire aka ButtonShyGames, really gave me free reins over the look, all there really was were 'Can you draw an assassin'. I ended up fusing a western and eastern references throughout, with symbolism within the designs.

  • Assassin & Baroness
  • Dragon & Doctor
  • Imposter & King
  • Knight & Leper
  • Priest & Queen
  • Serfdom & Sorceress
  • Tower & Usurper

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