• Design background:
    Among many first-tier cities in China, a large numbers of male live in narrow bedrooms. Unfortunately, I’m one of them.With the rising of life standard, intelligent appliance increases as well. The accumulation of battery, charger, USB makes our tiny space more messy.

    Design ideas: 
    I tried to seek for amazing breakthroughs from electric machinery to meet similar demand in scene, which aims to realize multifunctional effect by one. It ensures clients to keep a premium product experience, while maintaining the tidiness of our tiny space at the same time.

    Object :Electric toothbrush and razor 
    Electric toothbrush and razor are the daily necessities of most male. 
    I tried to employ similar motor mechanical principle to realize the integration of two products.
    M-Stick realizes the function of both rotation electric toothbrush and razor by magnet and insertion replacement module, which has multifunctional value based on less components. ​​​​​​​

  • By integrating a sterilization lamp, this product is considered to be more suitable for the standard of modern intelligent appliance.