• Joy Comes Home
  • Knock-knock, who’s there? Delight wait at the door, as the delivery arrives. To capture the essence of that moment of happiness that puts an end to the anticipation, we conceptualised the #JoyComesHome campaign for Dunzo. It features people from a range of age groups, backgrounds and interests, all equally thrilled to receive deliveries which  the friendly delivery partner playfully hides. We have consciously attempted to break common stereotypes, specifically related to gender roles. This series of illustrations, focuses on even tiny details like the copy on each item which connects in some way to the delivery business. The expressions on the characters is undoubtedly the hero of this project and our hope is that it reminds the user of that wonderful feeling when #JoyComesHome.
  • This scenario depicts a token of care from a loving father to his pregnant daughter.
    A delicious jar of pickle with a sweet little note is just what she was craving for.
  • This adorable floof can hardly contain his excitement as his favourite treats arrive at the door.
    Thrilled at the prospect of fetching his reward, he sticks his tongue out in happy anticipation.
  • Age is just a number. The delivery arrives just in time to ring in the precious moment when
    the lovely couple are about get engaged.
  • Every sweet tooth has its day. This scene depicts a body builder’s child-like eagerness to
    dig into the candy floss that has arrived at his door.
  • This tiny tornado can't wait to zoom around the room with her newly acquired wheels.
    Her eyes sparkle with delight, waiting to unbox her dream toy.

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