• Branding the First Gay Mizrahit Singer 

    Nati is the first openly gay Mizrahit singer. In this project I trace Nati’s career in an attempt to delineate the “New Mizrahi” and examine homosexual/homo-erotic aesthetics in the context of the so-called Mediterranean music and the culture of the Mizrahi Jews. 
    I puruse this ends by first inventing a gay Mizrahit singer-songwriter and then designing three concept albums that tell his life story. 

    Designed under the guidance of Ernesto Bijovsky 
    Final Project at the Department of Visual Communication,Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Israel.


  • The first album: “Free” - Nati’s debut 
    When Nati decides to come out to his parents he doesn’t get their support. Angry and upset, Nati writes his respone album, “Free” - which consists of surprising lyrics that challenge the Mizrahit conventions by decrying and denouncing his own parents. For example, the songs that narrates his parents’ rejection are called “Dad, you Negelcted” and “Mom doesn’t Protect”.
  • The second album: “New Destiny” - Nati’s Nouveau Riche Album 
    Following the success of Nati’s first album and the new chapter in his life, this album celebrates his triumph in the most ostentatious in-your-face manner. The lyrics in the album tells of his success, the opulent world in which he lives and his desire for a husband. 
  • The third album - “Dad, Forgive me, I was Wrong”: Nati’s homecoming album 
    This album repersents a closure in Nati’s relations with his parents, following the death of his father. He feels guilty for his first two albums that hurt his family’s good name. From the flamboynat house in which he lived he retrurnes to his childhood neighbourhood, to his mother’s home. Accordingly, the album consists of songs that deal with the concept of family honor, with his family home and mainly with a simple asking for forgiveness.